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Methylsufonyl chloride
Product name:Methylsufonyl chloride
Executive standard:Q/HBXH10-2011
Molecular weight:114.5
Molecular formula:CH3SO2Cl
Quality standard:
Content ≥99.5%
Proportion 1.48(18℃)
Chroma ≤10(APHA)
Fe ≤10ppm
Pb ≤10ppm
Moisture ≤250ppm
Properties: Colorless or buff transparent oily liquid with acrimony. Melting point: -32℃; Flash point: 110℃. Insoluble in water.
Use:It is widely used in organic synthesis, dyeing and pharmacy industry. It can be used for catalyst, chlorinating agent, firming agent and stabilizer.
Packing:Net weight 250kg in plastic drum.
Storage:Stored at cool and ventilated place, and avoid touching water.
Notice:It is acid corrosive, and can react with water, ammonia and alkali matter with acrimony. It should be sealed during transportation, and used in ventilated condition.

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